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what is the status of my order?

If you placed an order for an accessory that is “in stock” on our website, your order should ship within 1-3 business days, when the item does ship you should receive a shipping confirmation to your inbox. If you ordered a Rifle/Receiver product it will be shipped within the given lead time on the product page. You can always reach out to our customer service team to get an update.

Can you tell me the status of my order if I didn’t place it directly through Radian?

Due to the fact that we cannot speak for the allocation of our products by our dealers and distributors we are only able to provide information on orders placed directly through us.

do you offer a mil/le discount?

Here at Radian we value our active duty personnel, veterans, and first responders. Please set up a customer account and email your credentials to [email protected] and our CS team will get you taken care of.

what hours are you available to take phone calls?

Our team is available Mon-Fri, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM PT

what is .223 wylde chambering?

A .223 Wylde chamber is a hybrid rifle chamber designed to allow .22 caliber barrels to safely fire both .223 Remington and 5.56×45mm NATO ammunition. While the cartridge dimensions of both rounds are the same, 5.56 NATO loads produce pressures in excess of the .223 safe spec. The Wylde is a hybrid chamber designed to allow both ammunition types to be safely fired with good accuracy.

how accurate are your rifles?

Our Rifles are more than capable of being Sub MOA with Black Hills Match Grade Ammunition, but it is your skill as a shooter that will be the deciding factor in consistently seeing those results.

can i shoot steel case ammunition?

We do not recommend shooting steel cased ammo through our rifles.

what uppers will your a-dac15 lowers work with?

Our A-DAC15 lower receiver will be compatible with almost all milspec type upper receivers, the only upper we have had issues with is the DDM4V7 as the mounting screws for the rail will scratch the front of the lower while being pivoted. It will still function without issue but we want to make sure our customers know what we have encountered.

can i send my parts/rifle in to be re-cerakoted by you guys?

At this time this is a service we do not offer. We are focusing on getting our products out in the hands of our customers. If we took on re-cerakoting customers' rifles it would inhibit production of new rifle products.

what muzzle devices come standard on your guns?

The muzzle device we use as standard is the Dead Air Flash Hider. We also offer the Dead Air Muzzle Brake, SilencerCo ASR Flash Hider, and the SilencerCo ASR Muzzle Brake. If you would like anything other than the Dead Air Flash Hider, please email [email protected] requesting the change.

can i use a raptor sd in my gun if i am not going to run it suppressed all of the time?

Yes you can. The Raptor SD has ports cut into the shaft to help mitigate the extra gasses blown back through the system when running a suppressor, it does not affect the functionality of the firearms in any way. It may actually help unsuppressed if your gun is inherently over gassed.

will the afterburner + ramjet work with my aftermarket glock type pistols? (zev, shadow systems, faxon-19)

From what we have been able to test out the Afterburner + Ramjet will fit some aftermarket Glock type pistols. See the product page of the Afterburner + Ramjet to see full compatibility specs.

as a police officer can i buy items from radian that are banned for citizens in my state?

As a policy, Radian weapons does not ship unconstitutionally restricted items to anyone in restricted states. We believe that the citizens of these states have the right to own anything that Law Enforcement can own.

tracking says my item was delivered but i don't see it at my door, is there any way you can help?

We recommend that you contact your local post office, they might be able to help you with a little more information. Make sure to check all the possible locations that you may receive packages at and maybe check with your neighbors as well. Let us know what you find out and we will do our best to help you out!

what is the email address to have my dealer send the ffl license to?

[email protected] is the email address for copies of the FFL license

does radian offer a t&e program?

Please send [email protected] an email with your inquiry.

does your upper work with other handguards?

The upper and handguard are machined to work together and we are unaware of any that will work with the upper.

do you have a raptor that will fit my specific firearm?

We manufacture our Raptors based on platforms, like the AR15 and the AR10, if you are unsure of the type your firearm is we recommend that you reach out to the manufacturer of the firearm to ensure fitment.

can i change the color of the raptor and talon on my rifle order?

Yes you can, after you place your order just contact our Customer Service Team and they will be able to make the appropriate notes on your order for the changes.

who is included in the mil/le/first respondent discount

Included Not Included
Law enforcement Doctors
Active Duty Bailiffs
Veteran DPSST Security
EMT Corrections
FBI Teachers
Secret service RSO
Homeland Security ATF
Firefighters Private investigators
Border Patrol
Retired LE
911 dispatchers
U.S. Marshals